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YISHU WUHANG (The Dance of Five Elements) (ENG)

YISHU WUHANG (The Dance of Five Elements)

Yishu Wuhang Is a Hindu-Chinese martial art originally from the 5th. century (China), when the Ying Yang and the Elements teaching came from India. Its origins are VEDIC and TANTRIC philosophies... The original Yishu Wuhan (Art of the Elements), was almost completely lost in Shaolin's burning during the Japanese-British invasion to China. But it is coming back through the oral communication around the World.

Lessons will be performed in English, but also translated to Slovak language.


What stories tell...

It all began when a group of monks were traveling near a river, they saw on the other side a dancer practicing her art, and two thieves attacked her. The monks unable to help her, were only witness, for the first time of the "Dance of the Elements” (Yishu Wuhang).

The dancer defended herself by using the adversaries speed, strength and fury against themselves, making this technic an extraordinary defensive- counterattack way of resolving physical conflicts. She twisted her body and seized their joints before they could hit her, making them loose their balance and fall down.


After some time the two attackers stood up and ran away. The wondered monks crossed the river only to talk to her and asked how she did it, to what she responded: "i felt the Fire within them, so i turned into Water to calm them".

The monks asked her if she could teach them, and she did it. After some time, they came back to the monastery to show this new technic to the abate. He realized the potential and "The Art of the Five Elements” (Yishu Wuhang), was created.


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What we can learn by Yishu Wuhang today?

This philosophy helps to avoid conflicts and we can learn how to Flow in any life´s situation. It creates a way to defend yourself using simple technics of twisting the body, the inertia, balance of the rotation movements and in the higher levels hitting acupuncture points to interrupt the Qi movement. 


Yishu Wuhang how’s us how to change from the focus to the unfocused way of Living and to be aware of our Beings through Conciseness, Will and Love. The Art of the Five Elements is a Way of Life, a philosophy, using the knowledge of studding the Elements for many years into a series of different branches of the art:

- Meditation technics

- Stretching technics

- Kinesiology technics

- Flexibility and balance technics

- The Art of the Elements Philosophy (Yishu Wuhang)


For who is Yishu Wuhang available?

As it is similar to Taiji Quan (Tai Chi), Qi Gong (Chi Kung) and Aikido and it fits to anyone an it is easy to learn no matter the age, gender, race or body structure/weight and it will improve the breathing, heart beating, muscles, lymphatic system, nervous system, body joints, balance and meridian systems. 

There is not need of any previous training or to follow any specific Dogma.


Teacher: Alish Zenzejul (classes are in English language)



12. 11. 2015 Open class (come and try :-)) 16:00 - 17:30

26.11. - 17.12. 2015 REGULAR COURSE (It´s possible to use one-shot entry).

Always 16:00 - 17:30




Open class: 3 Euro


Regular course: 14 Euro /lesson

                            50 Euro/ Entire course of 4 lessons

                           (Those, who will subscribed for entire course - open class have for free!)


Where: Open Mind Centrum, Mickiewiczova 2, Bratislava - Staré mesto


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